Baduanjin Qigong

Baduanjin Qigong

Baduanjin Qigong is one of the oldest mindfulness-based exercises for health and wellbeing. Developed in China about 1000 years ago, this exercise has been well established as a safe and easy to learn, yet highly effective adjunct intervention.

Baduanjin Qiong has been found to be beneficial in improving quality of life, balance, handgrip strength, trunk flexibility, and diastolic blood pressure. It alleviates musculoskeletal pain, improves sleep quality for patients with chronic illnesses, improves clinical outcomes for knee osteoarthritis patients, enhances cognitive function and memory for patients with mild cognitive impairments, improves exercise capability and pulmonary function of COPD patients, improves blood pressure in hypertension patients, and alleviates anxiety, depression, distress, and fatigue in cancer patients.  

Please watch the following video on how to start practising Baduanjin by Master Shanji

Please enable subtitles/closed captions (bottom right of video screen “CC” logo ) so that English Subtitles are displayed.

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